JavaScript Rules for naming variables



If a variable name is more than one word, it is usually written in camelCase.
This means the first word is all lowercase and any subsequent words have their first letter capitalized.


JavaScript distinguishes between numbers, strings, and true or false values known as Booleans.

  • Numeric Data Type
  • String Data Type
  • Boolean Data Type

*Rules for naming variables

  1. The name must begin with a letter, dollar sign($), or an underscore(_). It must not start with a number.
  2. The name can contain letters, numbers, dollar sing($), or an underscore(_). Note that you must not use a dash(-) or a period(.) in a variable name.
  3. You cannot use keywords or reserved words. Keywords are special words that tell the interpreter to do something.
    For example, var is a keyword used to declare a variable. Reservled words are ones that may be used in a future version of JavaScript.
  4. All variables are case sensitive
  5. Use a name that describes the kind of information that the variable stores.
  6. If your variable name is made up of more than one word, use a capital letter for the first letter of every word after the first word.